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Take Down Removal Guide

We only respond to content owners regarding take down requests. Unfortunately, anyone can claim that they are the direct content owner without valid proof. In order to verify that you really are the content owner, complete the process below.

  1. Get a piece of paper, write your name
  2. Put this website url: www.xvideos.com below your name
  3. Include the current date
  4. Make another copy by writing in your palm (same with above info & make sure face is visible)
  5. Take a selfie showing the information above and your face
  6. Upload it here: https://imgbb.com/
  7. Send the links of the pictures through the contact form along with your message.
  8. Take Down Requests take up to 48 hrs to complete so please be patient. We recognize your effort in completing this process so we will definitely take actions on your request.

You will need to send 2 pictures – 1 with paper and 1 with writing in your palm. This is to compare and verify the authenticity of your images.

We will not save or re-upload the pictures. It is only required to allow us verify your identity. You can be as clothed as you want to be as long as your face is clearly visible and identifiable.




Do not send us edited pictures otherwise all your succeeding messages will be BLOCKED

Also make sure “YOUR NAME” “WEBSITE URL” and “DATE”  are clear and readable.

A removal request that contains any form of threat will be blocked regardless of its merits. Unless you’re from Cyprus and Syria, we are not under the jurisdiction of the laws of your country.

Provide a correct email address; we will communicate with you through the email that you have provided. Wrong email address may result to failure of take down process.

Talk nicely; we are not the original source of any content that you can find on this website. We only get them from other websites or from user contributions. Just complete the simple process above because really, that’s the only way.

This is the only way, we don’t give a crap about DMCA for we are not from the US and we are not under US laws.

NOTE: We will remove pictures, and videos but not the whole post. The texts in our articles are maintained for information purposes and is covered by free speech. Our articles are intellectual property of our publishers. So if you’re from a place that recognizes DMCA, we hope that you understand that we can’t take the whole post down. We will only remove the content that you own, not the content that we produced and own.