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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the domain word “Manyak” mean?
– It means “pervert” in Malaysian language and the TLD “info” is a perfect match for it since we provide the best and latest perverted information. Read About Us for more information!

I don’t like your articles

-It’s OK, this is a pornsite and not CNN’s page. Our audiences primarily visit us for porn content. Feel free to read our written articles, but for what it’s worth, it is meant for our “other” type of reader. We cannot just stop including such texts now for certain reasons. We try our very best to show the videos and pictures first before the long ass wall of texts. If you are not amused, just skip to the actual porn content. Because surely we have audiences out there who love it particularly our very special and important type of readers. We don’t care if our articles do not meet your Journalism standards, how we write our articles are based on a specific, very important standard that brings success to us. The spelling, words that appear like typos whether intended or not, sentence construction, capitalization, punctuation marks, and the over-all grammar aspects of this website are not aiming to please you.

Take down requests procedure

-For fast results, follow this Take Down Removal Guide <-click blue link

We will only remove pictures and videos, not the whole post.

Tip: Threats are only annoying and they do not work so every message that contains any form of it gets blocked by our filtration system. We don’t even get to see them anymore, sorry.

Can we use DMCA or copyright take down?
-DMCA is strictly a US law and it has no jurisdiction here on Cyprus. Instead, you can just nicely communicate with us and we might consider. Keep in mind that we only respond to direct file owners and not with copyright agents/representatives. Check our Disclaimer for more info.

Do you upload non-Asian content?
-Yes we do! Although our primary niche is Asian porn, we post non-Asian content as well whenever we get a hold of a worthy set. We even go to the borders by posting interracial, blasians, AMWF and more!

Why don’t you post in bulk?
-We run this website under the principle of “Quality over Quantity”. Sure, there are times that we make a lot of new posts at once. But we make sure every video and picture that we post are at least good quality. If there’s no good content to post, we rather not make an update at all.

What are download links?
-In case of considerably big set/collection, we provide download links pointing to external hosts. We use Mega.nz, openload.co, cloudyfile, and suprafile.

Do you re-upload removed download links?
-If the the download link was shared elsewhere, we will not re-upload it. We have our ways to find out the cause and from where the download links are removed. If the download links are taken down from this website, we will re-upload. Do not share/post the download links to other website/forum to minimize the chance that it will be removed.

Are child porn allowed in here?
-No. We have zero tolerance for Child pornography, beastiality, rape, or any other illegal stuff. Kindly report to us through this contact form

Can we submit videos/pictures?
-Yes of course! We welcome audience submission whether it is your own nude pictures and sex videos or it is from your prized porn collection. Please use this contact form and provide a link of the files you want to share. Please use openload as your external host. Remember, we will only post your submission if it passes quality check.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Can we remove ads?
-Sadly no. This website is supported by advertisements. We do not accept donations, membership fees, or any other form of incentives in exchange for ad-free setup.

Do you mine cryptocurrency without permisison?
-We don’t. Currently, we have zero interest for cryptocurrency mining.

Does your website or your ads contain/spread malware?
-We make sure our ads are clean and we will never spread malware through our website, and its content directly. We despise malware as much as our visitors do and we do not want to compromise this website, most especially our visitors’ system. If you have any bad experience with our advertisements relating to malware, kindly report it to us using¬†contact form

Why can’t we post comments?
-This is not a place for judging and enabling the comment section will more likely attract arguments. We want this place to be neutral and minimize toxicity. Just enjoy the videos, pictures and even the narratives as it is. If you have a serious request, surely you will find a way to contact us.

Can we share your posts on Facebook?
-Sure. But make sure the thumbnail is not NSFW or else your Facebook account might get penalized. You can either choose a non-nude image from the post as your thumbnail (if there is) or just remove the thumbnail at all. Other social media like Google Plus, Twitter and Tumblr are fine.

Is your Privacy Policy accurate?
-Don’t worry too much about our Privacy Policy page. It is just a generic copy that serves as a basic information for this websites. Our true Privacy Policy is very flexible leaning towards the protection of our visitors. It is our top priority to protect your privacy because that is how we can protect OUR privacy. We will never leak any information, install anything without your permission, or do anything that will compromise your well-being. This applies to anyone visiting our website, submitting content, and requesting services.

If your question is not addressed on this FAQ list, do not hesitate to contact us HERE